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            What if you could grow your business your way?


            Propertyware Presents
            Propertyware: The 5x Profit Roadmap.

            Propertyware Presents
            All About the All-New Propertyware Training

            The #1 rental property industry event of 2020.
            July 12 – 14 | Gaylord Rockies | Denver, CO


            Propertyware delivers the solutions you need, saving time and money. Whether its lease origination, maintenance requests or online rent collection, its everything property managers need, all in one easy-to-implement platform.


            Propertywares unique custom workflows and process automation improve productivity and can help you to grow doors.

            Efficiency & Revenue

            Propertyware integrates smoothly to streamline crucial management tasks and drive maximum efficiency and revenue.


            Our unmatched customization allows you to create custom fields and reports that enable superior service and drive higher profits.

            Grow Big and Grow Homes

            Discover how our 5 Keys to Growing Your Property Management Business help you grow more doors and increase revenue per door. View the video.

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            Run your business your way

            “Propertyware has a lot more customization than Ive seen in any other system. Thats a really big thing so you can run your business the way you want to.”

            Zee Bhimji | President

            Real Property Management
            Chicago Group

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            Run your business your way

            “Propertywares dashboards, reporting, and open API allow you to analyze every single step of your process to see where the breaks are in the chain Youre going to be able to streamline your business and get to your goal with much more efficiency.”

            Mousa Ahmad | Investor Relations Expert

            Mutual Property Management

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            Run your business your way

            “The biggest savings you actually have when you use two-way API, automation or just the property management software in general, is the reduction in staff thats needed. With Propertyware, I can do more with less.”

            Pete Neubig | Co-Founder

            Empire Industries LLC

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            Managing rental properties is anything but simple, but at least property management software pricing is.


            PER UNIT, PER MONTH
            $250 monthly minimum plus Implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription price.


            PER UNIT, PER MONTH
            $450 monthly minimum plus Implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription price.
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